Caribbean Freight Forwarders

Caribbean freight forwarders, a significant portion of their business is from imports being moved between the United States and overseas. Freight forwarders in this instance have the ability in many cases to obtain extremely discounted freight rates via preshipment consolidations or consolidation at their warehouse. Regardless of whether you are shipping one piece of cargo to another part of the world or hundreds of units, there are certain things that you need to know to help you get the best shipping rate possible for your situation.

It is referred to as the “Caribbean Gateway” because a large volume of freight passes through its ports, especially over the busy summer shipping season. There are numerous freight forwarders operating in the USVI who ship cargo out of Caribbean ports to destinations throughout the continental United States and abroad. The top freight forwarders in the USVI provide excellent service and give producers and consumers a convenient way to move products worldwide.

Getting freight from Jamaica to the USA can be complicated. Shippers often face uncertainty and high costs with various freight forwarders in Jamaica. There are simply many hidden fees which are not explained when they call for a quote. 

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