Perishable Freight Forwarders

In the modern age, with globalization and increasing interdependence of supply chains in place, perishable freight forwarding has become a necessity. A rise in demands for food worldwide necessitates the operations of professional cargo forwarding companies spread across the globe.

Perishable freight forwarding is defined as transportation of perishable items. In most cases this type of product is exposed to various risks that could have severe consequences in terms of monetary value and safety. The key factor in perishable freight forwarding is that the temperature should remain stable, making the product more appealing to customers when it reaches its destination. In some cases, it is also a necessity to use a refrigerated truck to transport the product. The purpose of this list is to summarize the major companies operating under the perishable freight forwarder niche.

Perishable freight forwarders are a kind of International Freight Forwarder that aid companies, and individuals in shipping fresh, perishable goods. Also known as produce shippers or fresh produce forwarders find the best way to ship your goods.

Perishable freight is a niche category of freight that needs special handling. The perishable freight is usually shipped by sea or air and it needs to be ideal at destination. This type of transportation is usually done with the help of specialized freight forwarders like Freight forwarding industry has market growth from 5% in 2005 to 7% in 2006. It worth $20 billion dollars and growing.

Perishable freights are the more sensitive goods and need careful handling of airfreight. Our perishable freight specialists have contacts within the freight forwarders of all major airlines and can speed up the overall process of shipping perishable freight around the world.

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