What is 3PL?

3PL stands for Third Party Logistics. It is an outsourcing company which has its own warehouses and terminals that are used for managing various types of products which are produced by the client or generally purchased from other companies. For example, retailers ship their products to 3PL warehouses and then these warehouses either store them or they get shipped to different destinations as per the requirements of the client. Most retail stores employ 3PL services as it is easier for them to manage during the year-end sale seasons when they are required to ship large quantities of products at a very short notice. 3PL’s have the facilities like storerooms, shipping facilities or other necessary infrastructure that makes sending & receiving of products an easy process.

Reliable Freight Forwarders

Choosing a reliable freight forwarder is a very important part of your business when starting out importing or exporting. The last place you want to be with your valuable goods is in the middle of an ocean because your freight forwarder gave up.

Freight forwarding is the service that is provided to a foreign company that needs to send goods from one country to another. Through this service, a company or individual can move their goods and products anywhere in the world without having to worry about all of the transportation logistics. If you’re thinking that you would like to move your product on a larger scale using freight forwarding companies, then you should consider hiring reliable logistics teams who have experience using freight forwarders. You can improve your business’ success rate by using reliable companies who will help you move your products quickly and efficiently.

What Makes a Great Freight Forwarder?

A great and transparent freight forwarder should be responsive within a reasonable time.

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