What is a Freight Forwarding Company?

What is a Freight Forwarding Company?

Freight forwarding company, simply put, as a company that helps in arranging the shipments and goods for corporations and especially for individuals. This company aims to get the goods or products from the producer or manufacturer in good condition to the consumer, customer, market, or other types of distribution companies.

Generally, freight forwarding is very helpful in reducing the problems of shipping internationally. The freight forwarder is the one who will be the on-behalf agents of different exporters, importers, or different companies to provide an efficient, cost-effective, and safe transportation of different goods.

How Does it Work?

This kind of company both provide services and represent a forwarder who will act on behalf. Usually, they deploy computer and IT devices in arranging the best quality of transportation means, they take all the type of goods in the same condition as they will deliver it to customers well. On top of that, freight forwarding firms always use various services of airlines, shipping lines, road, and rail freight operators.

Furthermore, this company has many different types and sizes. There are freight forwarding companies that operate on an international and national level from smaller to more specialized that mainly centers on a specific good. A freight forwarding company usually works for a minimum of 35 hours and a maximum of 40 hours in a week. Yet, there are large companies that run around the clock in a year and maintaining a flexible working time for the possible needs of the client.

Factors in Choosing a Freight Forwarding Company

  • Reputation
  • Capacity
  • Service lines
  • Cost of Shipping
  • Shipment Delivery Time

Most Popular Freight Forwarding Companies in the US

  • Limco International Logistics and Freight Forwarding Company

Limco is known for its global branches of transportation in Ukraine and Russia. Ideally the serve in maritime shipping, air freight, land transportation, logistics, and rail transportation. They offer the best value and price that can transport your goods through rail, road, sea, as well as air. They are committed to giving service that makes their customers stress-free about their cargo.

  • Oxford Shipping

It is one of the best freights forwarding companies in the USA. Many people have trusted them because they are family owned and have started in the 1990s. They have expert staff and quality facilities such as project cargo, motorhome, cars, shipping yachts and boats, mining, construction, aircraft, earthmoving machinery. Their shipments mainly focus in Ghana as well as in Africa, offering affordable trucking and towing rate.

 Popular Freight Forwarding Companies in the United Kingdom

  • John Good

This is the pioneer and premier freight forwarding company that is based in the UK. They have shipping services such as customs clearance, air freight, sea freight, and road haulage. On top of that, John Good also provides fulfillment and distribution services around the world.

  • Alliance Shipping Group

It began serving in East London since 1975. They have an unbeatable service yet on affordable and highly competitive shipping rates. Alliance Shipping has more than 200 reciprocating agencies in the UK. On top of that, they are committed to giving a quality shipping service.

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