Freight Forwarding Jobs From Home

Freight forwarder jobs from home [Get the flexibility you have always wanted] 

Freight forwarding is among the most popular businesses today. Freight forwarding companies or agents are also called non-vessel operating common carriers. Their main role is to organize shipments for corporations or individuals to receive goods from the producers or customers.       

Meanwhile, do you want to get involved with this type of business? Then, this article is for you. The following are the freight forwarding jobs from home that you can choose.

Experienced Freight Brokers 

Quality Logistics Systems in the United States is looking for experienced freight brokers. The best about this job position is that you can work from home. The candidate for this job must be an organized and flexible person. The candidate must also have an active client base and willing to grow.    

The skills needed for this job include logistics, communication skills, customer service, and knowledge in Microsoft Office. If you think that you have skills in customer service, professionalism, and timeliness, you can be the perfect applicant for this freight forwarding job.

Freight Broker Agent 

If you want to work from home, you can apply as a freight broker agent. You must have enough experience in freight sales. You must have decision-making skills to make the best of your service. It requires great skills in customer service. If you think you are a dedicated and professional candidate for this position, then it is time for you to apply.  

Freight Forwarding Ecommerce

This job position needs a flexible individual that can encourage clients to visit the website of a freight forwarding company. He must also be capable of placing an order for the client. It requires extensive communication skills and customer service.

Writer – Logistics & Freight Specialized Content for Blog and Website   

Do you have writing skills? Then, this freight forwarding job is the best for you. The candidate for this position must be a writer that has knowledge in freight industries, shipping services, logistics, freight forwarding as well as oriented to B2B clients. The responsibilities of this job position include writing for blog content, new pages about the new services provided to customers, and newsletters. You must have good oral and written communication skills too.   

Freight Booking and Handling

The qualifications for this freight forwarding job include skills and knowledge about freight handling and freight forwarding services. The process will be conducted from China to Australia. It includes sea freight and air freight. You are also welcome if you are an experienced agent or broker.

Online Research in China to search for transport companies 

This job requires an individual who can find a list of China’s transport companies for freight transport LCL. It needs at least 15 list of transport companies. The candidate must also have good communication skills and fluent in the Chinese language. The candidate must also know how to compare price per KG and m3.

Calculator and Application PHP

You can apply as a calculator and application PHP. If you have knowledge of developing a system for rail freight forwarding business who can monitor shipping containers and calculate the prices from a database of rates, this position is for you.

Create a Web page for Company

If you have skills in creating a web page for a freight forwarding company, then this job opportunity is the perfect one for you. You only need to create a professional and engaging web page to help the freight forwarding company to attract more visitors, which can turn into their potential customers.

With this job responsibility, you must have the experience of creating a valuable content that can attract more potential customers for the freight forwarding company.

Content Writing

Do you want to enhance your writing skills at the same time, earn an extra amount of money? Then, the content writing position will help you. The ideal candidate for this position must know how to make emails for a drip campaign. He or she must also have excellent oral and written communication skills to help the freight forwarding company to attain their goals and missions in the best possible manner.     

Administrative Assistant Logistics Operations and Online Sales

The International Freight Forwarder in San Francisco, CA, is finding administrative assistant logistics and online sales. The candidates must have the knowledge and experience in freight sales and logistics. It also requires excellent customer service and good communication skills to deal with different kinds of clients. If you think you have the experience and knowledge about the logistics operations and online sales, it is time for you to take the chance of winning this freight forwarding job.

Freight Forwarding Consultant 

If you want to have a digital job in the freight forwarding industry, it is time for you to apply as a freight forwarding consultant. It also requires good communication skills and the ability to deal with clients with respect and professionalism to keep the good reputation of the freight forwarding company.

To sum it up, you can level up your freight forwarding career with the freight forwarding jobs from home that are mentioned above. All you need is the experience and knowledge of communication. Thus, you need to communicate with different kinds of clients. You must also have the dedication to perform your job and responsibilities to help your team achieve their goals in the best and most professional manner.   

Choosing one of these freight forwarding jobs from home can also help you to establish a rewarding and successful business career. Even more important, you can also have the chance to develop your skills, including your communication skills, customer service, being on time, and good decision skills. What are you waiting for? Jumpstart your freight forwarding career today!   

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