Part-Time Freight Forwarding Jobs: Discover Advantages and Opportunities

Find the part-time freight forwarding job that is right for you!

Are you interested in part-time freight forwarding jobs? Did you know that freight forwarding is among the most essential jobs in the world?

Without freight forwarding services, it would be difficult to distribute goods locally or internationally. Both business owners and consumers rely on freight forwarding to ensure the effective distribution of items, such as food and water, healthcare, and clothing.

Meanwhile, there are several reasons why it is a nice idea considering part time freight forwarding jobs.

A Lot of Opportunities to Seize 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that employment in freight forwarding will continue to grow by 26% until 2020. Under this kind of industry, there are plenty of opportunities like customer service, warehousing, transportation, purchasing, operations, inventory control, strategy, and forecasting.

Use of Bilingual or Multilingual Skills 

If you have bilingual or multilingual skills, it is now your chance to use and enhance these skills. Having a part time freight forwarding job means that you will be exposed to business operations in different cultures and countries. Thus, you will also strengthen your ability to communicate with all sorts of people.

New Experiences Everyday 

Do you love discovering new things and experiences from day today? If yes, then part time freight forwarding jobs are best for you. That is because you will work with different companies related to various industries like consumer goods, food, and beverage, healthcare and pharmaceutical, industrial goods, or even retail and government. So, you can expect to do something new every day.

Gain More Experience 

Are you interested in exploring an overseas position? The freight forwarding industry will continue to expand, which means that you can have an opportunity to find a part time job that is suitable to your time and skills. Since freight forwarding companies have good relationships with domestic and international companies, there will be more part time jobs available for everyone.

So, if you are ready to explore the part time freight forwarding jobs, you can consider the following overview of each job.


By becoming a Technical Operations Manager, you will be responsible for managing the day to day operations incorporating transportation and warehouse management. You need to ensure that there will be effective and efficient operations. Your tasks may include managing, leading, and developing a team, allowing an effective provision of freight forwarding services to the customers, and you need to ensure that there is adherence to standard client agreements and operating procedures.


If you wish to be a Distribution Center Manager, then you will be responsible for the effective operational performance and function of the freight forwarding site facility. This facility may be incorporated with a particular major or multi-client warehouse or even domestic transportation management.

Furthermore, your tasks may include assigning specific tasks to team leaders, supervisors, and managers, reviewing and managing the road transport contractor performance and agreement, and ensuring that the warehouse is clean and professionally presentable at all times. You are also responsible for the site’s inventory management, especially in the stock audits and monitoring of cycle counts.


Being a DC Operations Manager, you will be exposed to managing the physical resources of the warehouse as well as optimizing the productivity in storage methodology, inventory levels, and work processes. You need to evaluate and authorize changes in the operations, which resulted from quality enhancement. You must promote the “Safety First” culture and manage the performance information along with data usage for maintaining and improving the quality standards. Besides, you need to ensure that all the necessary inventory adjustments are accurately checked and approved.


As a Customer Service Officer, your main focus is managing the portfolio of the clients. This means that you will serve as the primary point of contact whenever there is any shipping advice or queries. Apart from that, you will be responsible for quoting, purchase order management, collation of data, cargo tracking, and troubleshooting. You also need to ensure that your clients understand the entire shipping process based on their import requirements.


If you become a Customer Support Officer in an air freight forwarding company, your duties may include delivering customer service solutions, maintaining data for export and import services, and providing daily updates of booking documents and clearance reports. You also need to arrange and monitor the bookings, liaising with overseas freight forwarding agents on the shipment updates, and handle any ad-hoc duties that are required by the company. Some of the qualifications that you need to possess include excellent Incoterms knowledge, a strong understanding of import or export air and sea operations, the ability to create a rapport with both external and internal stakeholders, and excellent communication skills.


As a payroll officer, you need to ensure that all payroll processing will be performed within a strict time frame, including timesheets, terminations, new employee details, leave, master file changes, award increases, and more. It is your responsibility to maintain timely and accurate employee master file details, make any adjustments or corrections to payroll data, apply income tax rules, award entitlements, and roster schedules, and ensure that the audit requirements are met. Apart from that, you also must maintain professionalism, high quality service, and accuracy at all times as well as ensuring that there are internal processes and controls.

So, the next time that you will look for a part-time job, you can consider a freight forwarding career opportunity. If you think that you have the qualities, skills, knowledge, and great interest to be part freight forwarding industry, you can always find the perfect part time job.

One of the interesting things about part-time freight forwarding jobs is that you can continue growing while acquiring new skills and experiences. Besides, you can improve your communication skills since you will be working with different kinds of people. So, do not miss a chance to enter a new career.

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